Flexibility To Suit Your Business Needs

Yoodle is built on industry leading technology, with a disruptive, flexible, common sense approach.

Yoodle Offers...


Cloud Communications

Built on an industry leading, highly resilient platform. Always on, no upgrade or support costs, connect from anywhere.


Easy Deployment

Yoodle is built remotely to your requirements. Our handsets are shipped to you preconfigured, and applications are available via download and SMS activation. Yoodle on-site setup teams are also available.


Connect Your Way

Connect by compatible deskphone, our desktop softphone or mobile application. All features across all of your devices. Alternatively, use your existing Microsoft Teams or Slack front end with Yoodle.


Add What You Need

Encrypted Call recording and storage, real-time reporting, call centre agents, collaboration streams. We also offer integration into the most popular CRM’s like: Office365 Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zendesk, Zoho, ServiceNow etc.


Traditional Features

Including directories, voicemail, call groups, voice menus, audio conferencing, call logging etc. Use new numbers, or port your existing numbers to Yoodle.


Handsets & Hardware

Rent the handsets you need, with a range of additional hardware options and functionality to choose from.

Pricing Built For Businesses Of All Sizes

Yoodle operates on 30 day contracts, and with addons available to suit your needs, you're sure to find the right plan, that fits you.

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£ 6.50 p/m
Inc Unlimited UK Minutes
Essential Features Including…
      • 1 Desk User (Handset Required)
      • Inbound / Outbound line with DDI (Multiple if Required)
      • HD Voice Quality
      • Robust Calling Features:

        • Directory Search
        • Call Logs
        • Mailbox with voicemail to email
        • Intelligent call routing and groups
        • Pickup, Hold, Transfer & Park
        • Automated Menus
      • User Presence
      • Audio Conference Bridge
      • Call Recording to Mailbox
      • Call Reporting
      • Range of Handsets Available
£ 9.50 p/m
Inc Unlimited UK Minutes
All Essential Plan Features plus…
  • 2 Connected Devices
  • Either Desktop Softphone Client or Mobile Client
  • Single Number Reach with Parallel Ringing
  • Choose your Outbound Number
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Unified Inbox for recordings and fax
  • Set call routes based on your presence
  • Send SMS from Desktop App
  • Web Portal for Desktop App
  • Click to Dial from Desktop Browsers
  • Schedule Audio & Video Meetings
  • Video, Collaborate, Chat, Share with Streams Lite
£ 11.50 p/m
Inc Unlimited UK Minutes
Essential and Premier Features plus…
  • Support for up to 4 devices
  • Both Desktop Softphone and Mobile App
  • Seamless Call Handover Between All Devices
£ 8.50 p/m

Inc Unlimited UK Minutes

Use the functionality of your existing Microsoft Teams applications, and Yoodle for everything else


*Please note: Teams integration will require Microsoft Phone System licensing and assistance from your O365 system administrators

  • Use your Microsoft Teams Apps as usual
  • Receive Yoodle’s inherent PBX functionality included in our Essentials plan
  • New Teams functionality inc. CLI Pres, SMS, & ACD login/out
  • Port your existing numbers to Teams, or we can provide new numbers
  • Add any functionality you need not native to Teams:

    • Reporting
    • Recording and Storage
    • Contact Centre
  • Backup Telephony platform for when Teams isn’t available
Introducing the.....

Yoodle Desktop

Yoodle’s Desktop application for Windows and Mac allows you to be in control of your communications…
  • Your desktop becomes your handset with our softphone, or use as call control for your mobile or handset devices
  • Simply find your colleagues and see their presence
  • Search your directories and Outlook contacts with ease
  • Click to control calls: accept, hold, park, transfer, record or switch current call to your mobile
  • Quickly view all of your call logs, voicemails, recordings and faxes, Collaboration Streams, and Queue info (ACD)
  • Dial numbers from your browser or a single key press
  • Chat, share, task, collaborate with colleagues using streams
  • Schedule audio and collaboration meetings with ease, with invitations and SMS reminders
Be Free With...

Yoodle Mobile

Don’t stop being productive just because you’re out and about…
Yoodle’s Mobile app offers the experience of your existing telephony features on your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • Calls to your landline automatically twin with your mobile app, present your landline number on outbound calls
  • Hold, transfer, conference your calls
  • Search your corporate contacts and see their presence
  • See call logs and your recording/fax inbox easily
  • Set your own presence to colleagues on the fly (available, meeting, lunch, holiday etc)
  • Easily set your call routing behaviours based on your individual presence
  • Set up meetings, chat, share, task and collaborate with colleagues using streams on mobile
  • In a poor 4G area? Have Yoodle call you over your network and connect you with your intended number
Included In All Plans

Yoodle Insight Reporting

Yoodle provides an included dashboard detailing powerful call data visualisation, perfect for monitoring business productivity. Accessible from any internet-enabled device, view call metrics and monitor performance. With quick access to your set KPIs and the ability to save reports as PDFs, this is just a small selection of Yoodle’s capabilities.
  • At-A-Glance and In-Depth dashboards for date  ranges in the past 12 months
  • Hourly incoming/outgoing call distribution
  • Percentage Calls Answered
  • Activity by day, hour, extension, DDI
  • Missed calls & list calls by date
  • Total calls, busiest hour, average answer time and longest call
  • Voice quality

Add On Options

We know that not everyone has the same communications needs. That's why we offer the below functionality add-ons; with great value for those who need it, and keeping our services affordable for those who don't.

Expand the below to see what you can add to your Yoodle solution.


Yoodle's handsets come with an extensive range of features, and the details of this are found below. Yoodle works with the following handsets which we offer on a monthly rental basis.

Communal Handset
Mitel 6865 SIP Phone
  • 3.4″ 128×48 pixel graphical backlit display
  • 2 dedicated line keys with LEDs
  • 8 programmable keys with LEDs
Entry Handset
Mitel 6867 SIP Phone
  • Colour 3.5″ QVGA 320×240 pixel LCD display
  • 6 programmable soft keys with LEDs that can be customised to access up to a total of 20 functions
  • 4 context-sensitive system keys that can be customised to access up to a total of 18 functions
Mid Range Handset
Mitel 6869 SIP Phone
  • Large colour 4.3″ 480×272 pixel LCD display
  • 12 programmable soft keys with LEDs that can be customised to access up to a total of 44 functions
  • 5 context-sensitive system keys that can be customised to access up to a total of 24 functions
Executive Handset
Mitel 6873 SIP Phone
  • Large colour 7″ 800×640 pixel LCD Touch Display
  • 48 Programmable soft keys that can be customised over 4 pages
  • 30 Context-sensitive system soft keys that can be customised over 4 pages
6865 6867 6869 6873
Price per device, per month (based on 36m) £4.00 £5.00 £6.00 £7.00
Ethernet Ports Dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Dual 10/100/1000 Mbps Dual 10/100/1000 Mbps
Programmable Soft Keys with LEDs (# of functions) 0 6 (20) 12 (44) 0
Programmable Soft Keys 0 0 0 48
Programmable context-sensitive system keys (# of functions) 0 4 (18) 5 (24) 0 (30 soft keys)
Programmable keys (paper labels) 8 0 0 0
Reprogrammable hard function keys (keycaps)
Magnetic keyboard interface
USB & Bluetooth headset support
by download

by download

native support
DHSG/EHS headset ports
Modular 4 PIN headset port
Expansion Module Support Up to 3 Up to 3 Up to 3 Up to 3
USB 2.0 Port
Display screen size 3.4″ 3.5″ 4.3″ 7″
Display screen resolution 128 x 48 pixels 320 x 420 pixels 480 x 272 pixels 800 x 640 pixels
Display screen type Monochrome Colour Colour Colour Touchscreen
Backlit Display
Number of lines 24 (with expansion) 24 (with expansion) 24 24
Directory Name / Number Capacity 200 200 200 200
Callers Log Name / Number Capacity 200 200 200 200
Last Number Redial Capacity 100 100 100 100
Power over Ethernet Class 2 Class 2 Class 3 Class 3

Call Reporting

Yoodle Call Reporting has 3 levels to choose from, all with an easy to read and configurable dashboard to clearly show you the results you're looking for!

Features Insight (included) Report ACD Report
Pricing Inc £1.50 per user per month Contact Centre Functionality
Mobile-responsive application, accessible via web browser across mobile devices
Option to log in via application portal login page or via third party Single-Sign-On Identity Provider
Call data delivered to portal in real-time
API permissions for recording and reporting data
Configurable dashboards and report filters Pre-Defined
Wallboard with customisable tiles Pre-Defined
Option to select landing page to be displayed on login
Manage service provider access permissions to the application portal
Language support; UK English, US English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Polish
GDPR compliance management, archive user, mask customer number
Audit trail to retain and display history of all reports that have been run / by whom and full history of any edits made to users and departments
Historical Call Analytics 12 Months
Detailed call activity; call activity and duration by user
Report on incoming business numbers (DDI)
Multi-level reporting by site, division, department, cost centre
Call traffic reports by hour / half hour By Hour Only
Incoming call analytics (measuring call volumes, targets and unanswered calls)
Report on Percentage of Calls Answered (PCA)
Report on Grade of Service (GoS)
Report on unreturned missed calls
Report on incoming call activity by customer
Yoodle SMS and MMS reporting
Customer reports (by CLI / campaign)
Call ringtime, duration and missed calls by DDI
High level executive summary report (multiple reports consolidated into one single report)
KPI-driven business productivity dashboards detailing call and callback performance by user, DDI and department
Extensive report filtering; by date/time/trading hours, user, business level, DDI, campaign, call type / destination / duration / ring time By date / time only
Use column headers to sort reports in ascending or descending order
Export reports in PDF and CSV formats
Email reports direct from portal to one or many (PDF / CSV)
Schedule reports (PDF/CSV/HTML) to be automatically sent by the system at user-defined intervals
Restrict supervisor access by role (Site, division, department, cost centre)
Report on ACD Premium Number
ACD Calls queuing and longest queue time now
ACD queue wallboard; queue length, average / last /longest waiting time, agents logged in and total / answered / dropped calls
User activity reporting; incoming, outgoing and missed calls and average call duration
User personal wallboard
User personal call history
My console user access to own DDI call analytics
Voice quality statistics (call quality, delay, jitter)
Voice quality drill-down reports (hour, day, extension, DDI, individual call)
Option to add call recording playback (Entry Level)
Option to add call recording with evaluation (Enhanced level)
Access help videos and user guides from within the application (UK English only)
Inline contextual help throughout the application (UK English Only)

Call Recording & Storage

Record incoming, outgoing and internal calls with Yoodle - with many configuration features to choose from, on both plans. Call recording and storage is fully encrypted.

Features Basic Advanced
Pricing £3.00 per user per month £6.00 per user per month
Cloud Recording Retention 12 Months 84 Months
Recording of incoming, outgoing and internal calls to and from a recorded user using SIPREC APIs
Yoodle mobile call recording
Encrypted call recordings to AES256 standard at rest
Manual deletion of call recordings for GDPR compliance
Call recording policy to specify which calls to record by setting rules against call type, DDI or call group
Call recording policy to specify which calls to exclude by setting rules against call type, DDI or call group
Caller consent acceptance or rejection
Select which users to record
On-demand call recording
Automated call recording of specific calls based on IVR option selected and functional number dialled
Pause/resume a call recording (‘always on mode’) for PCI DSS Compliance
Audit report detailing changes and deletions to recording policy, user management and configuration
Playback audit showing who listened (credentials) to which recordings on date/time
Realtime compliance dashboard displaying key compliance metrics for enhanced auditing and monitoring, including calls recorded with consent or rejected, call recordings deleted / pending deletion
Facilitates GDPR Compliance
Facilitates MiFID II Compliance
Mobile responsive application, accessible via web browser across mobile devices
Option to download call recordings in bulk
Call recording search and playback with email recording options
Access to evaluation, business outcomes and activity reports and customisable dashboard
Access to business insight dashboard showing usage KPIs
Customisable call evaluation agent scoring
Assign definable call outcomes to call recordings
Flag call recordings for follow-up action
Ability for supervisors to set playback permissions
Ability for supervisors to manage recording policy
Admin user access to all users’ recordings
End-user access to their own call recordings
Management of call recording retention period by organisation department
Automated management of call recording retention based on specified storage policy, with automated deletion of call recordings

Streams Collaboration

Yoodle are revolutionising the way you communicate within your organisation - both within teams and between teams. Hold productive conversations without the clutter of long email threads.

Feature Yoodle Streams Lite (Included) Yoodle Streams Full Guest
Pricing Inc £3.50 Per User Per Month
Launch Ad Hoc
1-to-1 mtg Voice**
Schedule Meet
1-to-1 mtg Voice**

Web/Video Max 50 Voice **
Meet Video Capability
Schedule Web/Video Meet With Guests
Create Streams/Chat
Add Participants to a Stream/Chat
Max 7
Invite Guests to Streams/Chats
File and Screen Sharing in Stream/Chat/Meet
Upload File Size (Limit Per File) 5MB 300MB 5MB

Contact Centre Functionality

With our Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) functionality addons, control your incoming calls and routing.

Features Included ACD Light ACD Premium
Pricing Inc £2.00 per user per month £6.00 per user per month
Voice Prompts & Queue
Specific prompt related to schedules for open hours, closed and exceptions
Welcome prompt
Queue prompt
Queue progress message
Queue prompt (when in queue)
Ringing tone (when in queue)
Queue length
Max 5

Queue estimated waiting time
Queue position
Callback from queue
Call Distribution
Configurable priority order
Skill based distribution
Longest idle time distribution
Not Configurable

Random distribution
Presence effects distribution
Overflow Options
Overflow on max queue length exceeded
Overflow on max queue wait time exceeded for the call in queue
Overflow on max queue wait time exceeded for new calls
Overflow on no available agent
Overflow related to schedules for open hours, closed and exceptions
Other Features
Metadata & override metadata
Metadata provided by configured Rule Based Number
Group manager (Help me button in ACD View)
Supervisor (queue/agent statistics)
Logout after max missed call attempt
Resting time between calls
Ringing time on each attempt
Send SMS from function number
Group login/out button
Yoodle for Desktop
Standard View
ACD View
Yoodle for Mobile

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Entry Call Recording

Advanced Call Recording

Realtime Reporting

Full Yoodle Collaboration Streams

ACD Light

ACD Premium

CRM Integration


The Communal Handset

The Entry Handset

The Mid-Range Handset

The Executive Handset


£0.00 per month

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